School of the Aerial Wave
Elements: Air
Mascot: Vortex Dragon
Location: small island near The Far East
The School of the Aerial Wave is a school which practices Aeromancy and Hydromancy.


The school is located on a small island-in fact, it's so small you could call it a rock that's just very high- about a mile from the coast of The Far East. The rock is 500 meters high and the school is made out of Skytree wood. It is only accessible with a water-resistant helicopter, as flying spells and jets are not allowed because the sea surrounding the rock is very wild and waves up to 700 meters high are common. The building is watertight.



Subjects Taught



Students are usually bonded to Rain and Vortex Dragons. Students bonded to Fog Dragons and Bubble Dragons are also seen, but the dragons are not allowed in class because of the No-One-Writes-Something-Down-Problem of the Fog Dragon and the Bubble Babble of the Bubble Dragon. In rare cases,  Terradiem Dragons are seen and in even rarer cases Panlong Dragons.



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