The Sandstorm of Apep was a large sandstorm which washed away the Sand King civilization. It took place in 500 ASW and was caused by a war between Sandstorm Dragons.


The Sandstorm Dragons were in an overpopulation, but nobody cared, among both humans and dragons. However, one Sandstorm Dragon, Apep, tried to be the leader of all Sandstorm dragons, but that was not how the Sandstorm Dragon hierarchy worked back then. He then gathered some other dragons of different dragons and started the War of Apep, but that war only lasted for a few days, as all other Sandstorm Dragons used their power to create a huge sandstorm which washed away all Apep's allies, including himself. Sadly, the sandstorm kept on raging afterwards, destroying everything in its path. This led to the destruction of the Sand Kings. The overpopulation problem also was solved, as some dragons (especially the ones in the frontline) also accidentaly got pulled in the huge sandstorm.

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