Sandara Worm

Sandarian Giant Worm

The Sandaran Giant Worm is a giant carnivorous beast that lives in the Sandara Desert. It weighs up to 2 tons and becomes 10 meters long (around 30 feet). It has no eyes but has an excellent sense of smell and can hear a pin drop from 30 meters away. It eats sand most of the time but will attack villages and Light Dragons too. It dislikes the scent of the plant Vitrum Scyphus. Sandaran Giant Worms can become up to 300 years old. They grow their entire lives. Their only predator is the Pharaoh Dragon.

These monsters are also the reason behind the supposed Mongolian Death Worms, though some suspected that both species evolved from the same ancestor and it is likely that the Mongolian Death Worm died out while competing with the Sandaran Giant Worm for food.

Even though they are called "worms", this is inaccurate, as they are actually reptiles.