The Sandara Desert is the largest desert in the world, and the main habitat of Earth and Light element dragons. It exists in the southwest of Adnalanda.


The Sandara exists in a subtropical climate, so it has a quite stable temperature year round. It rarely receives precipitation; some areas have not received rain in 10 or 20 years. At midday, the desert reaches hellish temperatures. At night the temperature plummets.

Landscape and Features

The Sandara Desert is a primarily sandy desert, but is rocky in many places. Sandy areas have few features other than sand dunes. In rocky regions there may be rocky outcroppings and cliffs. Oases are present but scarce.



Wizards and Witches





The Sandara Desert was once home to a great civilization that coexisted with the Burcadians. This civilization was ruled by the Sand Kings, which historians know of from tombs persisting from that time period. They worshiped the sun dragon as their chief god, but did not practice magic. Mysteriously, they were wiped out soon after the Scar of the World was created, and their great cities fell to ruin. Ruins of their civilization still exist.

The Sand Kings' kingdom was displaced by tribes of wandering nomads, which existed for thousands of years before the arrival of the barbarians.

Bordering Regions

Regions Contained Within