Sandakloz was a Verulean toy maker, who, after travelling to The Far North, bonded to a reindeer dragon called Rudolph and became a Cryomancer. This later statement was confirmed in a letter from him. He never came back from The Far North and was never seen again, but every winter, young wizards and witches wake up to find magical toys in boxes wearing Sandakloz's signature. He sends a letter every three years to the Wizard Council too. Nobody knows his exact location, but he likely resides in Giving Gulch. It is unknown how he is still alive, knowing he must be over 300 years old now. Some theorize that the gifts and letters are sent by dragons or somebody else instead, who just perfectly imitates Sandakloz's signature. Others theorize that the Giving Gulch emits a strong amount of Theomancy to extend life a lot.

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