The Sand King civilization was a civilization ruled by leaders called Sand Kings (or pharaohs) native to the Sandara Desert. They lived from about 146 ASW to 500 ASW. The leaders bonded to Pharaoh Dragons and were able to use magic.


Early Civilization

The Sand King civilization was once ruled by a group of people called the Kyshos. In about 146 ASW, the Kyshos were driven out by a farmer called Ramner and made himself the first Sand King. He ordered the tribe to move to the banks of the river Line, as it flooded every six months so farming was much easier there than near oases, and there was much more room. After Ramner's death, his son Sameres became the next Sand King. His got a son 7 years before he was killed by rivaling land leader Clayopatres and his 7-year old son Lootanchaton became Sand King, however he was killed by the last descendants of the Kyshos at the age of 19. After that, the last descendants were killed, and the civilization began to bloom more: magnificent buildings and palaces were built, and big walls around the city to protect it from predators. The city was completely destroyed during the event that washed away the civilization.

Sandstorm of Apep

Amun-Ris, the king at the time of 480 ASW, was gifted with power of prophecy. He saw that the beginning of the sixth century, the civilization of the Sand Kings would be destroyed. Amun-Ris spent the rest of his life panicking about the apocalypse, and eventually killed himself in 499 ASW, in fear of the apocalypse. A tomb was built underground in his honour. As Amun-Ris foretold, the Sand King civilization was destroyed in 500 ASW, by a chaotic sandstorm. The sandstorm was caused by an overpopulation of sandstorm dragons who were in war with each other. The Tomb of Amun-Ris was the only thing that survived the disaster. A pharaoh dragon egg was laid in the tomb before the sandstorm, and left there for two millenia, where it slept and grew inside the egg.

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