Sage Kyury
Species: Human
Homeland: TBA
Gender: Female
Profession: Playwright
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Sage Kyury was a famous playwright and poet. She also practiced Metallomancy with her Metal Dragon, Eddie. She died in the War of the Wizards, but her written works are still known and read today. Many of Sage Kyury's written works are about light and dark dragons. It is unknown how Sage Kyury even knew about these dragons, because in her time these dragons were still in the Rift. It is possible that Sage Kyury read Burcadian scrolls to learn about the light and dark dragons.




Sage Kyury wrote several plays, including:

Sage Kyury also wrote a book of poems titled A Dragon's Splendor.


Famous Quotes

Use of real dragons in this play is not recommended and likely won't end well.
    —This quote has been written after every character list in Sage Kyury's plays.

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