Species: Human
Homeland: TBA
Gender: Female
Profession: Herbomancer
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Rudna was a Herbomancer who was the wife of Auric Thatche and is credited with the discovery of the silver dragon. After the death of Thatche, she became a dragonologist specializing in Treasure dragons.



Rudna grew up in a tiny village, where she learned Herbomancy not at a school but from her grandmother. Her innate talent for Herbomancy soon became apparent. After the death of her grandmother, she was the village healer at the age of only seventeen, reputed to have almost miraculous powers.

Travels with Thatche

Rudna met Auric Thatche while searching a mountainside for potion ingredients. He had been injured in an accident on the mountainside. She took him back to her village and used her Herbomancy talents to restore him to health, saving his life. Sometime during the period in which he lived in the village, regaining his strength, the two began to fall in love. When Thatche left to pursue treasure-hunting again, Rudna went with him, though she had never before left her village.

They traveled for eight years before they married and settled down. Unfortunately, this suited neither of them. Rudna had not seen her family in eight years and missed using her potions to help others. Thatche wanted to return to treasure-hunting. Realizing that he loved his treasure more than he would ever love her, she eventually left him, and returned home, but found that almost no one in her village recognized her.

Career as a Dragonologist

She returned to traveling, this time as a dragonologist, not a treasure hunter. She wanted to find out more about the mysterious new class of metal dragons she and Thatche had discovered.


Rudna is known for her study of Treasure dragons, including proving that Treasure was indeed a distinct class from Metal. She also is known for her Parkes Poultice. She is responsible for almost all that we know of the legendary Thatche, including the fact that he deserves credit for the discovery of the Gold Dragon, though talking about him often triggers periods of depression and she rarely mentions him.


Rudna bonded two dragons at the age of about eleven or twelve and never bonded any others. Though she spent many years studying Treasure dragons, she never bonded one. She has a wand of Aurandian Octree though, so she can use a few Argentomancy spells.

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