Root Dragon

Root Dragon Adult


Root Dragon Baby

Root Dragon Egg

Elements: Earth
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Common
Form: Bipedal Dracon
Diet: Herbivore
DDLA Rank:
Root dragons are quickly becoming known for their love of questing. Making these dragons available to park owners was originally difficult due to their disdain for being transplanted from their original habitat.
    —Nogard's description of the root dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Root Dragon is a hybrid dragon of the Earth and Dark elements. It's main element is Earth.





The root dragon uses its strong wooden horns to attack. Unfortunately for wizards, the horns are very dirty, and its near impossible to get root stains out of your robes without some serious water magic.


The root dragon has a thick skin and can flee by digging.

Other Abilities

The root dragon's claws are very useful for digging in the ground.

Breath Weapon

The root dragon spits out hard stones it found during digging.


The root dragon is not very big and can be thrown around easily by some dragons.



The root dragon lives in every major forest in the world: The Great Forest, Drakar Forest, the Forests of Farn, the Forests of Schloss, the Crane Forest and the Tull Forest.

Preferred Home

The root dragon settles near big trees with big roots. Many root dragons like to live underground as well.


Root dragons dig holes between the roots of trees and make furniture out of dirt. Some don't dig one themselves but live in an abandoned nest of another root dragon. Before they sleep, they bury their tail in the dirt, which replenishes their strength.


Root dragons mainly eat the roots of older trees but have also been know to eat mangrove saplings and bamboo shoots as well. However, the root dragon always makes sure not to eat too many roots to prevent destruction of the trees the roots come from. When roots are in low supply, the root dragon will eat rocks and dirt.


Behavior and Personality

Root dragons act a bit mean but in a funny manner, and usually stop when the other creature doesn't like it anymore. They can be good and loyal friends.

Social Order

The root dragon only shares its hole with its mate.

Relationship to Wizards

Root dragons annoy wizards until they don't like it anymore, like they do with any other creature.

When in a park


They can be bred with two dragons of the Earth and Dark elements quite easily.


They can be put in Omnitats, Earth, Dark, and Spooky habitats.

How to care for

To prevent them from digging in the floor of your habitat and possibly digging out of you island, the ground of the habitat must be hardened.

Favorite Treat

Of course, this is Dragon Root. They also like Talontaters.

Life Cycle


Root dragons usually mate with the dragon of the same species and the other gender that lives the closest to its hole.


The egg is buried in the male's nest, where the two adults live. The baby digs to the top themselves and then settles in the nest.


Infants are overly protected by the parents and not allowed to meet other dragons. They stay in the hole until they reach adolescence.


Adolescents can come out of the nest at night but stay in during the day.


The adult leaves the nest and makes one for itself elsewhere.

Life Span

Root dragons are short lived and usually only hit the age of 20. They become adolescent at the age of 5 and adult at the age of 7.



They were discovered by the Plant Dragon Master but studied by Mr. Terra as the Plant Dragon Master wasn't experienced with dragons without the Plant element.

Origin of Name

They were named after the fact they eat roots, live between roots and have root-like wooden formations on their body.


Root dragons have Terramancy and Erebomancy. They also have minor control over Arboromancy.

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