Rainbow Habitats are one of the types of habitats in parks. They are enchanted with Chromamancy to make Rainbow dragons comfortable. The normal one can house 1 dragon, the double one 2. They are known for being very expensive.

The normal Rainbow Habitat


The Double Rainbow Habitat

Dragons able to live in

How to make one

Rainbow Habitats were hard to make in the past. You had to find a rare Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow and bring it back, which was hard. You also had to cast a Chromamancy spell to create a rainbow above it. The double habitat was even harder: multiple pots and spells were required. Now those pots can be recreated artificially, but they remain very expensive (150000 DragonCash for a normal habitat and 10000000 for a double) because the recreation is hard, the spells must be casted by Chromamancy masters which are usually greedy and all gold in the artificial pots must be real money too. A lot of skytrees and happy trees must be exported too.

Places represented

The normal habitat does not represent a place, as it is just the pot. The double one represents the hills of the Sykie Meadows, home to the Celtic Dragons.

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