Ragnarok Dragon

Ragnarok Dragon Adult


Ragnarok Dragon Baby

Ragnarok Dragon Egg

Elements: Apocalypse
Type: Epic
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Form: Bipedal Long
Diet: Carnivore
Length: 380-420cm
Weight: 100-110kg
DDLA Rank:
Lingering long in caverns deep,
Ragnarok dragons took their sleep.
Wolfish, serpentine, giant, strong,
In cold, dark earth, howled fire song!
Waked by wizards, their kind return,
Treat them well and from them you'll learn!
    —A passage from The Scrolls of Prophecy which was used by The Great Nogard in the description of the ragnarok dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Ragnarok Dragon is an epic dragon of the Apocalypse element.





The ragnarok dragon has very sharp teeth and claws, and a pointy pin on their tail. They can let loss sharp stones by making them rise from the earth, warp the area to become icy cold or scorching hot, or hull it in complete darkness.


The ragnarok dragon is rarely attacked because of its fearsome look, and it also lives in places hard to reach for other dragons.

Other Abilities

The ragnarok dragon is able to fly very fast and agile, though in parks this effect is completely undone, because for some reason it was able to fly out of the magical barriers placed around habitats. It is still classified as a long, though. It can also see in complete darkness, cannot be blinded by any light, and survive in any temperature, even the center of the sun. (This has not been tested yet, though).

Breath Weapon

The ragnarok dragon rarely uses its magic breath, it only uses them as a last resort when fighting against a REALLY strong enemy, like an Apocalypse Dragon, or Kairos. This breath consists of five different types of magic, the three most powerful ones are Terramancy, Pyromancy, and Mælstromancy, the two other ones are Umbramancy and Cryomancy. This freezes, burns, turns things into stone, makes people go insane, and causes explosions on the enemy all at the same time. Good thing for our world it doesn't use its breath that much. But it must be noted that when it does breath, the fire takes the form of a pack of savage dire zolves the will reap addition havoc among the area.


The ragnarok dragon just has NO weaknesses. Other dragons living now aren't adapted to perform attacks the ragnarok dragon is weak to. Magic is probably the only way to defeat a ragnarok dragon, and even then, it must be in high concentrations.



The ragnarok dragon is very rare, but lives mainly in the continent of Ronstreet, but has been spotted in The Windswept Peaks and The Berrywhite Mountains. It also lives in the Cold, Dark Earth.

Preferred Home

The ragnarok dragon prefers caverns that are hard to reach.


The ragnarok dragon hasn't to change anything about its cavern, it offers enough protection.


From time to time, a ragnarok dragon comes out of its cave to attack large animals, larger dragons, and sometimes even Rocs.


Behavior and Personality

The ragnarok dragon fights with no mercy to other dragons and prey, but to small, non-prey non-dragons, it acts very friendly, and plays as if it was a dog. A kind of large, scary, two-legged dog, though.

Social Order

Ragnarok dragons are extremely solitary creatures, and only mate once or twice in their long lives. They are very aggressive towards other dragons.

Relationship to Wizards

The ragnarok dragon acts as a playful dog to wizards who are not mean to it. When you're mean to it, you would be literally destroyed. Their breath, which they always use as a weapon when attacking humans, has the effect of a black hole on primates.

When in a park


The ragnarok dragons can be bred with the elements Cold, Dark, Earth and Fire, but they are very rare so multiple tries may be required.


The ragnarok dragons feels at home in Apocalypse habitats and Omnitats but can live in Spooky habitats with only minor discomfort.

How to care for

Immediately after hatching, one must disable their flying skills to prevent the hatchling flying away from your park. They also must be satisfied with daily feeding and one must be sure they don't start to fight with zombie dragons, as for some reason zombie dragons always are mad on ragnarok dragons.

Favorite Treat

It does not matter which treat you give to a ragnarok dragon, but how many you give. You have to give them a lot. They are especially aggressive while hungry, and will attack other dragons and raid treat farms for their food.

Life Cycle


Male ragnarok dragons will attempt to kill members of the opposite gender at first, but become gentle if the female offers food. Females rarely ever offer food, though.


The ragnarok dragon egg is laid high on a mountain top. When it doesn't roll off and break, it will take about a year to hatch. After this, the infant lives on the top.


The infant is much more aggressive than the adult. It lives on a mountain top rather than in a cave. When it becomes adolescent, usually at the age of 20, it flies down to the caves.


An adolescent ragnarok dragon is much less aggressive and lives in a cave rather than on a mountain top. Good thing they're less aggressive, as they are much more powerful now.


The ragnarok dragon is regarded as an adult at the age of 70. They have reached their most powerful form now. They will only attack other creatures when they are prey or dangerous, though.

Life Span

The ragnarok dragon reaches about the age of 2,000 years.



The ragnarok dragon was described in the Scrolls of Prophecy, but modern wizards did not see an actual dragon until famous poet, Edda, attracted one by reading one of her poems, Cursed Wolf. She bonded to the dragon and named it Jormungänd.

Origin of Name

The ragnarok dragon already had a name before modern wizards discovered it, as it was already called "ragnarok dragon" in the scrolls (Volume XIII). It is not completely sure where this name comes from, but some wizards suggest it comes from Ragnarök, as the dragon seems to represent a mix between the midgard serpent and the wolf Fenrir.


The ragnarok dragon uses Mælstromancy, Cryomancy, Pyromancy, Terramancy, and Umbramancy.

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