Plains Dragon
Elements: Earth
Type: Golden Hybrid
Rarity: Rare
Form: Bipedal Drake
Diet: Herbivore
DDLA Rank:
"DRAAAAGONVAAAALAAA... GONNAHATCHAAAAAAA DRAGOOOOOON!" is what many visitors like to sing to the plains dragon, for some reason. As the plains dragon startles easily, maybe shouting song lyrics at it isn't the best for park business.
    —Nogard's description of the plains dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Plains Dragon is a rare golden hybrid of the Earth and Light elements. It's main element is Earth.





The plains dragon's main weapons are it's claws on it powerful legs, and its formidable horns. If approached from behind, they can kick backward with enough force to knock their would-be attacker unconscious.


If threatened, the plains dragon typically will run away. Few predators are fast enough to catch it.

Other Abilities

They are extremely fast runners, jumpers, and dodgers. They also have very finely-tuned senses. They also can keep thier balance very well; no matter from how high it falls, as long as the fall doesn't kill it, it will almost surely keep standing up straight.

Breath Weapon

Plains dragons eat small rocks and then spit them out at their enemies. However, they don't actually consume these rocks.


Due to their wings' size, plains dragons have a hard time flying, and they are real lightweights of the dragon world. They are easily spooked, evolving in a biome full of predators and nowhere to hide.



Plains dragons are known to live on The West Shore, some mountains in The Far East, small herds have been seen living in the Galahad Plains and the Mesalithic Canyon, but they mainly live in the Xiberian Savannas.

Preferred Home

They prefer places with a lot of grass to eat, but mostly savannas.


They prefer to nest in the tall grass to hide from predators.


Plains dragons eat grass.


Behavior and Personality

Plains Dragons are always extremely cautious and are startled easily. However, once their trust is gained, they are inquisitive and curious.

Social Order

They are social animals, living in herds and flocks for safety and comfort. They have a social hierarchy, with a lead breeding pair leading the herd. There is one dominate male, his highest mate, and several females and their hatchlings, who he cares for. Some plains dragons choose to live with other creatures such as antelopes and zebras.

Relationship to Wizards

They are extremely flighty creatures, so while not too rare, they are cautious around people. The only threat they can actually pose is accidentaly trampling wizards while running away from something. DDLA has them ranked as 1.

Life Cycle


During the rut, plains dragons, especially males, become extremely territorial among another, often jousting with their horns.


Once hatched, the young plains dragons instantly imprint on their parents and follow them in the herd. They can run only 30 minutes or so bursts after birth.


The young spend nearly all their time in the safety and comfort of the herd.


During these times, the young begin to grow distinctive horns and calls as they grow closer to the age of maturity.


Plains dragons start conforming in their herd. Frankly, they're very boring, these dragons.

Life Span

Plains dragons are among the shortest-living dragons with a maximum age of 45.



The plains dragon was discovered by traveling musician, Wimbo, while searching on the deserts of The West Shore for inspiration for his next piece. He discovered the plains dragon running with a group of wildebeest. A few months later he released his hit song, "The Circle of Hatching". Now, Wimbo uses two plains dragons every time he writes songs.

Origin of Name

The plains dragon's name comes from their habitat, like the forest dragon and the mountain dragon.


A mixture of Earth, Light, and ancient Animal magic, the plains dragon usually saves its power for when it is in real danger. Otherwise, it will uses it's long legs or horns.

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