The Palagos Islands are a small group of islands in the northwestern Crimson Sea. Over twenty-one islands have been mapped, but there are at least ten more, the smallest of which are nothing but rocks jutting above the waves.


The Palagos Islands were created by volcanoes, which no longer erupt, but there is still lots of geothermal heat, geysers, hot springs and mud pits. They are mostly mountainous and relatively barren of vegetation. There has not been much erosion.


The Crimson Sea The Crimson Sea The Shimmering Isles
Mooretoss Island Palagos Islands The Crimson Sea
The Crimson Sea The Crimson Sea The Crimson Sea


The Palagos Islands experience brief, mild summers and long, brutal winters.


Many species of fire, air, and cold dragons can be found here, but the islands have no permanent human inhabitants.


Non-Dragon Creatures




The Palagos Islands were first explored by Professor Dravin.

Bordering Regions

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