Ortreat Dragon

Ortreat Dragon Adult


Ortreat Dragon Baby

Ortreat Dragon Egg

Elements: Plant
Type: Triple Hybrid
Rarity: Unheard-Of
Form: Bipedal Dragon
Diet: Herbivore
DDLA Rank:
The most delicious candies in all of DragonVale were once made by the confectioner Ortreat, who only shared them with his special pack of hybrid dragons. One day, some clever kids hatched a plan to get the coveted confections with a set of baby dragon costumes. When Ortreat saw the shoddily sewn dragonlings ambling about, his heart softened and he played along, sharing his treats with the ingenious little 'dragons'. Even long after Ortreat moved on, the tradition of costumes and candy remained. To this day, young witches and wizards wait all year for the autumn night when they can go out and 'trick Ortreat'.
    —Nogard's description of the ortreat dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Ortreat Dragon is a rare triple hybrid of the Plant, Fire, and Earth elements. It's main element is Plant. It is also categorized under the Spooky element as well.


The ortreat dragon has a purple skin, but it is unknown if the skin is purple everywhere, since the biggest part of the body is covered with yellow/orange fur. Adults and adolescents even have fur over their eyes. However, they stay completely aware of their surroundings, as their hairs work as sensors, picking up chemical signals and movements nearby.



The ortreat dragon relies on defense and its cute appearance rather than offense. It can inflict bite wounds and scratches with respectively its mouth and claws, but those are only a bit more than minor wounds.


One defense they have is to puff out their fur and stand in large groups, to scare off enemies. They are otherwise very peacefully and sweet creatures. Their main predator is the nosferatu dragon. Babies will be defended by older dragons, and will use their cute look to try to make the predator not want to eat them.

Other Abilities

The ortreat dragon may be blind throughout most of its lifetime, but is more aware of its surroundings than almost every other dragon. It uses its fur as antennae, picking up the chemical signals of dragons and vibrations in the air, indicating moving creatures nearby.

Breath Weapon

The ortreat dragon's breath is used in a way like echolocation, but with scent rather than sound. It is nicknamed "smellolocation". The ortreat dragon can smell how far the breath goes. When the breath either hits an obstacle or flies farther than 50 meters, the breath disappears, making the ortreat dragon know if there are any obstacles nearby.


The ortreat dragon is well defended and adapted to survive, but when an individual is attacked by a fierce predator, they may not survive.



Ortreat dragons mostly live near Lindor Ortreat's old candy factory in Bocartes. They are sometimes found in other places too, but only very rarely. Some have been spotted on The Berrywhite Mountains and near Triad Trench. However, their rarity is still classified as "Unheard-Of", since they all are (descendants of) dragons originally bred in captivity.

Preferred Home

Ortreat dragons like dark places, as long as they are not completely dark. They do not mind getting dust in their fur; they shed their fur almost all the time and it is replaced all the time too. The biggest mystery is, where does all the fur go when it sheds?


Ortreat dragons build their nest in the wild of objects they find. Those living near the old factory hide between the no longer working machinery.


Ortreat dragons mostly eat plants with a sweet taste. Sugar canes growing on The Berrywhite Mountains and in a field near Ortreat's old factory are ideal. In Triad Trench, they eat niobe flowers instead.


Behavior and Personality

Ortreat dragons are very sweet and playful. They like having fun with any creature that is not a predator.

Social Order

Ortreat dragons live in large groups for defense.

Relationship to Wizards

Ortreat dragons are rarely seen by wizards, even when the wizards go looking for them. The problem is that Ortreat's old factory is so big. You may try to lure them with a basket of candies. However, ortreat dragons are still popular pets for wizards who either have proper breeding equipment, are rich enough to buy them from dragon breeders, or are brave enough to go wandering around in an abandoned factory.

DDLA has ranked the ortreat dragon as 1.

When in a park


To breed an ortreat dragon requires two dragon with the Plant, Fire, and Earth elements but this is hard to get


Ortreat dragons prefer the subtile ambiance of the Spooky habitat but can also live in Omnitats, Plant, Fire, and Earth habitats.

How to care for


Favorite Treat

These dragons like Pumpermelons, Jelly Plants, Dragon Snaps, Dragon Fruit, Zazzberries, Ro's Dragon Fruit Cake, and Berry Bauble.

Life Cycle


Not much is known about how ortreat dragons choose their mates. It likely involves playing, like the water dragon.


The eggs are hidden very well, as they look like giant candies (and taste like candies), so it wouldn't be the first time a non-carnivorous creature eats them. There always are at least two ortreat dragons guarding it.


The infant ortreat dragons are without a doubt among the cutest dragons in the Vale. They use their sensory hairs to pick up as much information as they can, but also their not yet covered eyes to see how the world looks like.


The adolescents, usually 15-year olds, can no longer use their eyes to look at the world. However, their sensory fur is almost perfectly ready for its task as antenna. Adolescents are usually protected by all adults, as they cannot see and are smaller, and thus are even more vulnerable than infants.


Adult ortreat dragons (20-year olds) are likely the most intelligent dragons in all of DragonVale. Their adaption with their sensory fur and smellolocation breath, along with their intelligence, makes them great survivors and because they live in large groups they are well defended against most predators. Their life is calm and they are still as sweet as when they are infants.

Life Span

Ortreat dragons are relatively short-lived with their lifespan of about 30 years.



All that is known about the ortreat dragon's discovery is that they were bred, not found in the wild, and they were discovered by Lindor Ortreat, who kept dozens of ortreat dragons in his factory. He refused to give away his secret to breeding ortreat dragons until his death. The breeding secret is still unknown, but after the factory was shut down, a quest was launched to retrieve some of the ortreat dragons still living inside the factory. The quest was successful, and the ortreat dragons were given to expert breeders who worked magic allowing them to be bred in parks.

Origin of Name

The ortreat dragons were named after Lindor Ortreat, the famous confectioner who discovered the rare dragons. Ortreat insisted on calling it a confection dragon, but was overruled by the Wizard Council.


Ortreat dragons can use Chloromancy, Pyromancy, Terramancy and Cibumancy when trained. However, recent research turned out that small traces of a new, unknown magic are present in this dragon. It could probably use this magic when trained, but we don't know how to train the dragon to do this, as we don't know what the magic includes. It is probably something like confection magic and is called Glucinimancy.

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