Orchid Dragon

Orchid Dragon Adult

Orchid Dragon Baby

Orchid Dragon Egg

Elements: Plant
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Rare
Form: Amphither
Diet: Herbivore
Often found resting with their tails wound around trees, the orchid dragon is a beautiful sight. The master plant wizard Aidan of Koo Hill cataloged over 200 varieties of these dragons in his exploration of the tropical forests beyond the Scar of the World, and he only meant to bring back paintings. A pair of these lovely dragons followed him home, though, and have been flourishing in parks ever since.
    —Nogard's description of the orchid dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Orchid Dragon is a rare golden hybrid of the Plant and Air elements. Its main element is Plant.



Orchid dragons have very long tails which used as whips. They are prehensile as well, and using only their tails a group of three orchid dragons can pick up and carry two earth dragons.



Other Abilities

Like all dragon that are part of the Air element, orchid dragons can fly effortlessly for hours without breaks.

Breath Weapon



Orchid dragon skin is very flammable, so it's really vulnerable to fire.



Orchid dragons are found in any natural areas, enjoying nature.

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