Omen Dragon

Omen Dragon Adult


Omen Dragon Baby

Omen Dragon Egg

Elements: Moon
Type: Epic Hybrid
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Form: Amphithere
Diet: Ectoplasm-vore
"From the scrolls of Prophecy, Volume DCLVI:
In the waning days of the ninth month
In the age when land ascends the sky
The two-headed one will spreads it's wings
And bring forth its dread and haunting cry"
    —Nogard's description of the omen dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Omen Dragon is an epic hybrid of the Moon and Apocalypse elements.


The Omen Dragon has a serpentine-like body. It has two heads, each adorned with a large crest and multiple small spikes. It possesses two large wings, with the foreheads and the wings each possessing a spot resembling the sun, which glows brightly. The tail is covered in black, fluffy feathers. It's entire body is plumaged with gray-blue and dull light-blue feathers. There's a row of curved spikes running down the length of the neck. The eyes are incredibly sorrowful and glow with a dim turquoise hue.



The Omen Dragon has devastatingly powerful Mælstromancy and is not afraid to use it. However, if they sense a being is going to die soon, they will not attack it. Omen Dragons are known to engage in pure blinding rage and obliterating everything and anything in their paths. Ruins of old citadels still exist from the Dark Ages, as a reminder of this creature's insane and very often fatal attacks.


They can darken the skies around them to confuse the enemy, and if that's not enough, their ear-piercingly painful cries would do the job.

Other Abilities

Omen dragons have incredible vision which not only allows them to see invisible magic walls but the future as well.

Breath Weapon

They can release vast quantities of dark matter and suck the life out of every single living thing as soon as it is touched by the dark mist. The small gold orbs will explode upon impact and curse their surroundings for years. This is why alot of Dark Wizards wish to keep one in their dungeon to guard their treasures and secrets, but mostly fail because of the beast's incredibly destructive nature.


Since the heart of every Omen Dragon is locked up, only the purest and kindest creatures can unlock it and release all of the dragon's sorrows. The only recorded case of an Omen Dragon being "purified" like this is back in the ancient times.




Preferred Home

Where they can unleash their extreme power but still loved by others.


Any isolated place is preferred.


They require no food as their locked hearts no longer beats.


Behavior and Personality

There are only a handful of Omen Dragons out there and it is incredibly unlikely that you'll ever encounter one if your entire life, but be warned, these creatures are very misunderstood in the wizarding community and will be hunted as soon as one is sighted. So they have developed an extreme precaution toward any wizard or witch who poses a threat to them, and they are sorrowful creatures. Unless you prove to have a pure heart, they will devour yours' to cure their's.

Social Order

Omen Dragons are strictly solitary and are not known to ever interact with another one of their kind. However, should two Omen Dragons found themselves in the same territory, they will greet each other sincerely and divide the territory. There are no recorded cases of Omen Dragons ever engaging in fights before, but Dragonologists speculate that the amount of destructions would be so much that it would virtually render the area completely sterile, maybe that's reason why these devastingly powerful dragons rarely meet one another.

Relationship to Wizards

They have long been mistreated by the Dark Wizards, who chained them up and lock them in dark caves and dungeons for years, up to centuries. As for the other wizards, since they are commoly used by the evil ones and are normally accociated with the Dark Ages, Omen Dragons are held as symbols of despair and are destroyed/hunted down the moment one is caught/sighted.

Life Cycle


Most known Omen Dragons are still in their youth, but some wizards think that they would do a courtship-like dance to woo their mate.


Omen Dragons, like most dragons, lay eggs. The eggs can survive extreme conditions like blizzards and volcano eruptions, due to the fact that only at the precise condition every 50,000 years, they will hatch. Omen Dragons never look after their eggs, and the hatchlings are on their own at the moment they're brought into this world.


Some wealthy park owners who owned an Omen Dragon reported that the hatchling is prone to violent mood swing, a very picky eater and, strangely, quite affectionate. They mature slowly, but treats can accelarate time and speed the growing process foward.


This is perhaps the most dangerous period of an Omen Dragon's life. During this time, they will develop and sharpen their Mælstromancy, which is getting so powerful, their foreheads and wing tips will glow brightly. Some individuals incapable of containing their immense magic will literally explode.


No known Omen Dragons have ever reached adulthood, as most are still very young. It is thought that their magic will continue to grow, but much slower than that in adolescence, and they will have interest in finding a suitable mate.

Life Span

All of the Omen Dragons are only considered dragonlings due to their childish behavior and lack of mating interest, something only adult dragons have developed. It is speculated that they had lived since the time of the Legendary Dragons, though Dragonologists all agreed that Incaendius created this species of especially powerful dragon.



Omen Dragons were discovered in dark tombs, dungeons and caves of dead Dark Wizards. Those who witnessed one chained up with blood dripping through it's black feather, staining it red described the experience as ". . . A heartbreaking sight. It's eyes were dull as if it no longer remembers what the sun looked like or the taste of fresh berries. Its head was beaten up, it looks like this dragon was tortured for a long time, even the sight of us makes it cringed in absolute terror . . ."

Origin of Name

When the first Omen Dragon burst foward from it's cage, the skies darken and the ground rumbles, tearing trees from the ground and rivers evaporated nearby, and the moon changes color to a bloody red. The wizards were so mortified that they evacuated the area immediately, but turns out the Omen Dragon meant no harm, it was just testing it's power after all those times in the tombs. That's why they were named the Omen Dragons.


Omen Dragons are immensely powerful in Mælstromancy and uniquely, Phantasmancy and Theomancy.

Notable Dragons

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