Okenite Dragon

Okenite Adult


Okenite Baby

Okenite Egg

Elements: Crystalline
Type: Crystalline
Rarity: Very Rare
Form: Amphither
Diet: Herbivore
DDLA Rank:
The Okenite Dragon is not to be confused with the cotton dragon, although both share characteristic, fluffy white tails. In fact, if you were to pet an Okenite Dragon, you might be surprised to find that it isn't fluffy at all! Its pointy, crystalline skin makes it closer in texture to a cactus dragon -- which doesn't stop the Okenite Dragon from trying to nuzzle visitors. Better to admire from a distance.
    —Nogard's description of the okenite dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Okenite Dragon is an epic dragon of the Crystalline element.





The okenite dragon dislikes to fight but can ram upon its opponent when it has no choice.


The okenite dragon's sharp crystals protect it from almost all attacks.

Other Abilities

The okenite dragon can curl itself up to a ball to protect its few weak points. It can still fly when curled up.

Breath Weapon

The okenite dragon releases fairy dust which offers no advantage in fight but is still a beautiful sight.


The arms and face of the okenite dragon have no crystals and are a weak point.



The okenite dragon is one of the few Gemstone/Crystalline dragons that doesn't live on The Shimmering Isles, underground, or near mines. In fact, the okenite dragon will playfully run around the Ulster Meadows and the Verulean Highlands instead.

Preferred Home

Okenite dragons can settle almost anywhere.


Okenite dragons curl themselves up in their sleep.


Contrary to most other Gemstone/Crystalline dragons, okenite dragons are not petrivores. Instead, they are herbivores and eat fresh fruit.


Behavior and Personality

Okenite dragons are the friendliest dragons in the Vale and will avoid every sort of fight. They are very curious and often fly right up to wizards to sniff and nuzzle them, which often results in the wizards being poked.

Social Order

Okenite dragons can live a solitary life but will start or join a group as soon as it encounters other okenite dragons.

Relationship to Wizards

The okenite dragon tries to be very friendly towards humans, however humans don't really like their spiked hugs.

When in a park


Okenite dragons can be breed by breeding a snow dragon to a pollen dragon but this is very hard.


Being a Crystalline dragon, the okenite dragon can only be placed in Crystalline Habitats.

How to care for


Favorite Treat


Life Cycle


Okenite dragons will mate with other okenite dragons in their group.


A birth of a baby okenite dragon will be celebrated by the whole group.


The baby okenite dragon doesn't have very sharp spikes yet so it is kind of safe to pet one. They are aware of their cuteness and try to be friendly to all living creatures.


The adolescent okenite dragon will play with any other creature it meets that doesn't want to kill them.


Adult okenite dragons still act like juveniles.

Life Span

Okenite dragons can become up to 600 years old.



The okenite dragon was discovered by Nadia when she wanted to study clover dragons.

Origin of Name

They are named after the gems they resemble.


Okenite dragons are enchanted with the rare Crysalimancy (Gemstone Magic) which gives them the ability to produce gems. However, when placed in parks, this magic has some side effects. For example, generating gems goes much slower, every gem will be a Magic Gem instead of an okenite gem, they can only live in certain types of habitat and they aren't able to breed.

Notable Dragons

Fluffer (Nadia)