Noel dePlante
Wizard guy
Species: Human
Homeland: The Windswept Peaks
Gender: Male
Profession: Wizard
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Noel dePlante is a famous wizard best known for being the pioneer of the Astronomancy field of magic and his discovery and study of the Galaxy Dragons.


Noel dePlante grew up in Aeolia among the secretive Scribes of the Windswept Peaks. He was sent there as a baby to be raised as a Scribe and never knew his real parents. He was a brilliant student and by the age of fifteen was already the most knowledgeable Scribe in the entire monastery. At sixteen he decided to leave the Scribes to go to The Grand City, to study under The Great Nogard as a wizard. He soon found his calling in astronomancy.

Later Life

Noel dePlante has two observatories which he runs; one of them is located in the main temple of The Scribes of the Windswept Peaks which is his personal observatory maintained by his fellow Scribes, and the other is located in The Grand City, which he runs with Nogard to teach children about Astronomancy, the galaxy dragons, and the vast expanse of the universe. There is also a school dedicated to Astronomancy which he is the headmaster at, attached to this observatory.


Noel dePlante, in the words of The Great Nogard, has single-wandedly pioneered the field of Astronomancy. He was the first modern astronomancer and the first to document the Galaxy dragons. He also designed the Galaxy Island and discovered the Dazzling Dragon.

Famous Quotes


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