The Nipongese Fox is a very endangered breed of fox that only lives on The Isle of Nipong. The last forests they live in are being destroyed by natural disasters (such as fires) rather than human/wizard activity. The last 10 years only 4 true sightings have been reported. They were only carnivores in the past but because food becoming scarce they became omnivores. Some even became scavengers, which is actually dangerous as they aren't adapted to kill the bacteria in the dead bodies they eat. Infants are born with one tail, but after every birthday they get another tail. So to know the age you just have to count the tails minus one. Some have even known to have 100 tails, but the more tails the smaller they become to not be too much an obstacle to the fox. These foxes probably inspired the people of Nipong to create the legend of the nine-tailed kitsune, as the ones of eight years old are the most intelligent.

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