Mount Mashe is a mountain southwest of The Great Forest and the top most part can be seen as a volcano because of the small eruptions taking place from time to time. None of these eruptions are dangerous. It is also known as the Bleeding Mountain.

Landscape and Characteristics

Mount Mashe is very small compared to other mountains, as it is only 618 meters high. (For comparing, the 10th highest mountain, Mt Drake, is 4221 meters high.) Though eruptions with hot lava take place at the very top, it isn't really dangerous. In the center at the bottom, there is a source which generates an unknown liquid, which looks like lava but is icy cold an does not cause any fires. Nevertheless, when we put a thermometer in it, the thermometer burned up, as well as when we want to put it in pots to examine it, the pots burned upas well, but wizards have stood in the liquid and they only felt an icy cold temperature at their legs. When this liquid is collected by Sanguinite Dragons, it hardens into a stone. The stone was called Sanguinite and became the namesake of the dragons.


Even at the active top, it is icy cold unless you come close to the magma. For unknown reason, no smoke can be found.






Non-Dragon Creatures