A Monolith Dragon is a type of Epic dragon. In ancient times, they were one of the most powerful collection of dragons, but after the Dark War, they were transformed into a statue for millenia. They returned to their original state with the power of Monomancy. At the moment, there are six types of Monolith Dragons known to exist:


The monolith dragons were once carved by the Burcadian Civilization and depicted an Epic dragon. During the Epic Egg Hunt, an event held by Kaleni the Grower, strong amounts of Monomancy were summoned out of nowhere and brought five of these statues back to life. An abandoned Breeding Cave happened to be nearby, and so the race of monolith dragons appeared in the wild and they were discovered shortly after.

Dragon Depicted

Nobody is quite sure about which dragon the monolith dragons depict. The most popular theory is that they depict Sorec the Thunderer, and each dragon depicts a certain aspect of him. According to this theory, Sorec was a sleek and serpentine bipedal dragon with large horns, and he was very noisy and had a weird color. However, there is some discussion about if the colors of the monolith dragons actually mean something.

Other theories include that each dragon depicts a different Epic dragon. This would explain why the monolith dragons look so different from each other. Some also say the dragon depicted isn't an Epic dragon, but the Burcadians just thought it was Epic because of its rarity, or we just interpreted the scrolls wrong.

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