Species: Human
Homeland: Verulean Lowlands
Gender: Male
Profession: Geologist
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Mohs was a terramancer and crysalimancer that specialized in rocks and minerals. He is credited with the discovery of many dragons, all of which he discovered entirely by accident. He also help one of his apprentices name a new species of dragon they discovered.


Throughout his life, Mohs was teased and criticized by his colleagues, who called him "not the brightest gem in the chest." Though Mohs's faults included nearsightedness and lack of creativity, he was a brilliant crysalimancer.

When one of his apprentices approached him, saying they needed help naming a new dragon species, he went with his apprentice to see this dragon. The dragon which we now know as the luminous dragon was originally going to be called a "Bright Dragon", due to its luminescent qualities. Upon seeing the dragon, he suggested that the apprentice call it a "luminous dragon" instead, saying that the first discovery is the most important one. Taking their master's suggestion, the apprentice announced to the wizarding community the discovery of the Luminous dragon. The apprentice later became a prodigious phytomancer, make his former teacher proud.

Mohs has no family at the moment, but has a crush on the witch Yogo.



Mohs was a terramancer and crysalimancer, who bonded with a sapphire dragon he called Blue.


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