Malachite Dragon

Malachite Dragon Adult

Malachite Dragon Baby

Malachite Dragon Egg

Elements: Metal
Type: Opposite Hybrid
Rarity: Rare
Form: Bipedal Dracon
Diet: Carnivore
DDLA Rank:
Centuries ago Professor Bixby was traveling to the Scar of the World for research when he discovered something that he never thought possible -- a malachite dragon! It didn't take long for the Professor to find out that these dragons relish in smashing things into puny little pieces. Bixby's notes say something about not making them angry...we wouldn't like them when they're angry. Luckily the wizards were at least able to find a way to keep malachite dragons from destroying the park.
    —Nogard's description of the malachite dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Malachite Dragon is a rare opposite hybrid of the Plant and Metal elements. It's main element is Metal.


The malachite dragon looks very similar to the Metal Dragon, but there are some different things. The most notably difference is that it is green instead of a copper-like color. The horns and tail also have a more light gold-like color and there are some sprouts on the tail of the adult.



Malachite dragons can smash things to puny little pieces with their heavy tails, which they still are able to lift easily. It also has stronger horns and claws than its metal cousin.


Their thick malachite skin protects them from most attacks, and only few creatures dare to take up against these deadly beasts.

Other Abilities

Contrary to their more common metal cousins, malachite dragons are very light. They can run very fast and can swim. (Not that that is required/useful for them.)

Breath Weapon

Malachite dragons first swallow crushed malachite, or any other type of metal, and then fire it at their target with high speed, which is strong enough to kill an elephant.


Malachite dragons are afraid of blue-colored dragons and creatures for some reason. Wizards think this is because they were blue themselves in ancient times.



Malachite dragons live in The Tull Caverns and caves around the Scar of the World.

Preferred Home

They prefer living in caves full of copper and copper-containing metals.


Malachite dragons do not build nests, but swap around their tails in their sleep, which makes disturbing their sleep... not so desirable.


Malachite dragons are carnivores. They normally eat rats and bats but sometimes come out of their caves to attack large animals like elephants or even other dragons (though malachite dragons will never attack other malachite dragons).


Behavior and Personality

Malachite dragons are known for their anger problems and like to destroy anything that comes near of them, no matter if the things they smash are alive or not not even come to them... One can easily spot where a malachite dragon has been by searching for a trail of destroyed stones and plants.

Social Order

Malachite dragons will never attack their own kind on purpose, except in a fight. They sometimes team up to groups of three or four.

Relationship to Wizards

Wizards do not like coming close to malachite dragons as they understandably don't like to be smashed to small pieces.

Life Cycle


Since malachite dragons aren't known for being affectionate, they rely on their destructive nature for courting females. They will crush rocks to display their strength, but if the female rejects, the male may attempt to crush the female instead.


The baby will attack the father as soon as it is hatched and regards it as "playing". Though the baby's small tail can't break through the father's big skin, the mother must firmly hold back the dad with her tail to prevent the father from killing his baby out of anger.


The baby will "play" with its mother rather than the father (since the mother teaches it about the father's anger problems) and smash small stones. They like chasing bats and become very proud if they catch one as their own meal.


The juvenile will not "play" with its parents anymore as it can cause serious injuries with its much heavier tail. The adolescent malachite dragon has learned to get along with its father and smashes rocks to gravel along with its father now.


An adult malachite dragon will leave its parents to prevent himself from attacking them due to its anger problems. They will try to get out of their caves to attack large mammals now.

Life Span

While most malachite dragons die of "accidents" (for example letting a cave collapse by breaking a large pillar), a malachite dragon can become about 200 years when careful.



The malachite dragon was discovered by Professor Bixby when he was wandering around the Scar of the World.

Origin of Name

The malachite dragon is named after the ore its skin is made of.


Malachite dragons rarely use magic, even though they are enchanted with Metallomancy and Chloromancy.

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