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Elements: Lightning
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Uncommon
Form: Bipedal Drake
Diet: Carnivore
DDLA Rank:
When the magnetic dragon was discovered it was completely by accident. A young adventurer wearing plate mail was riding their horse near the Pliny Foothills when they were suddenly yanked off and sent flying towards the dragon! Luckily, neither the adventurer nor the dragon were harmed, and we've been able to find a way to lessen the magnetic dragon's powerful effect on metal objects. But don't worry, it's sure to still attract visitors!
    —Nogard's description of the magnetic dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Magnetic Dragon is a hybrid dragon of the Lightning and Metal. It's main element is Lightning.





This dragon's spikes, spines and horns protect it from predators and help it to successfully attack anything not well armored. Its wings, made of metal shards bound by a magical magnetic field, are especially dangerous.


Magnetic dragons usually escape predators by flying away, and they are excellent fliers, capable of using their powerful magnetic magic to perform a vertical takeoff. Though they look awkward, they are actually extremely well adapted to flight.

Other Abilities

Magnetic dragons exert a powerful attractive pull on magnetic objects, magnetizing them and pulling them toward the dragon. This adaptation enables them to capture enough metal to build their vast metal nests and develop their spikes and claws.

Breath Weapon

Magnetic dragons spit a stream of electricity strong enough to knock a wizard out. The dragon uses it to stun its enemies and prey but rarely uses it to kill.


Magnetic dragons face stiff competition from enemies, many of which might want to chomp and eat them! So they must be covered in weapons. But magnetic dragons are not as armored and protected as some other dragons and can be easily damaged. They have no camouflage and a very bad sense of smell, part of why they need their magnetism. They are not as strong as other metal element dragons. Trying to escape from Metal elemental dragons also is impossible as those get pulled to them.



Magnetic dragons are found among the Pliny Foothills and in other areas of the south. Near the Tull Caverns and the surrounding metal plateaus it is easier to find metal, but they face stiffer competition from other dragons, so they are scarcer there.

Preferred Home

Magnetic dragons prefer open spaces. They hate the cramped caverns that other metal dragons dwell in.


Magnetic dragons] build nests out of metal. They are often covered in spikes to deter predators. If no metal can be found, they will wander until they find some.


Magnetic dragons are carnivores. Like all Metal dragons with metal adornments, they do consume metal and ore to grow their spikes, but they feed mainly on small animals, which they hunt from the air. They can use their claws to dig rodents out of their burrows as well. Near the southern coast, they may be seen fishing despite their Lightning element, and when in packs, they may take down larger animals.


Behavior and Personality

Magnetic dragons are skittish and timid, but they are not at all afraid of speed and love to fly.

Social Order

Often magnetic dragons will hunt in small packs and share a communal nest, but occasionally they are seen alone. These packs are usually led by the dragon that can beat all the others in a fight. Younger dragons often resent the leader and plot to drive him out. Magnetic dragons may belong to several packs throughout their lives.

Relationship to Wizards


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Infants are carried around on their parents' backs. Magnetic magic prevents them from sliding off.





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