Lycans, more commonly known as Werewolves, are creatures who have lycanthropy, a condition which causes the creature to turn into large, bipedal, intelligent but aggressive wolf when directly exposed to the moon during full moon. Any creature can have lycanthropy, including Beasts, Joyful Jays, and even plants. However, it is very rare to see a human with lycanthropy. Personality is altered greatly during a lycanthropic transformation. Anything it sees or knows in its lycanthropic state will be forgotten in its non-lycanthropic state and vice versa. In their lycanthropic state, they do not eat (but they do kill if provoked), and instead only eat in their non-lycanthropic form. They are thus classified as omnivores, even though in some states they are petrivores, piscivores or even autotrophics or photosynthetics. Lycans are usually found in forests. As some fish have lycanthropy, lycans are classified as Sea Life.