Lightning Habitats are a type of habitat for Lightning elementals in dragon parks. The normal one can house 2, the large one 4 and the giant one 5. DragonCash must be collected a lot in the normal and large ones as not many can be kept there.

Normal Lightning Habitat


Large Lightning Habitat


Giant Lightning Habitat

How to make one

The dirt can just be dyed dirt from the Sandara Desert, the dragons won't notice any difference. The flying rock in the normal one must be enchanted with Aeromancy to keep it in the air and a lot of Erudine Crystals are required: the more, the merrier.

Places represented

The normal one represents a random location in the Crystal Highlands along with a floating rock found more commonly in the Verulean Highlands. The large one represents a rare rock formation found there where Lightning Dragons socialize and hold staring contests. The giant one represents the biggest Erudine Crystal found in the whole area, along with even rarer rock formations, where Lightning Dragons do all activities from the other rare rock formation AND even more. The giant crystal is built up of other crystals instead of mining the actual crystal.

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