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The mythical Legendary dragon, Jörmungandr with the great wizard Thor during the Legendary War.

Legendary Dragons are dragons which are one of a kind. They have special magic that no other dragon possesses. They are affiliated with legendary magic. They walk the boundary between legend and reality, hence their name, and to many they are more like mythical gods than creatures that inhabit reality.

Millennium Legendary Dragons

These are the first ever Legendary Dragons, and were all created by the All Father, the Infinity Dragon. They are the most powerful Legendary Dragons and has god-like powers, with some individual able to control the very fabric of space and time (aka Kairos), able to create life and nurture it (aka Gaia) and powers able disturb even with the fundamental laws of magic to create more Legendary Dragons (aka Incaendius).

Lenient or Second-generation Legendary Dragons

They are both created by Gaia and Incaendius and are less powerful than the original Legendary Dragons but are much more diverse in terms or magic. The first Lenient Legendary Dragons are created by Incaendius and are named Ramanara and Noslomoth, though they both disappeared not long after their creation. Other slightly suspected dragons include the mythical Norse Legendary Dragon, Jörmungandr and the four Chinese Imperial Lóngs.

Legendary Dragons in the Vale

  • Kairos (The Chronos Dragon, War Bringer, Legendary Dragon of space and time)
  • Gaia (The First Dragon, Mother of Magics, Sibling to Kairos, Bringer of Beginnings, Legendary Dragon of origins and life)
  • Ts'aishen (legendary dragon of wealth and fortune, The Keeper of The Vault, Gōrudosukēru)

Legendary Dragons outside the Vale

  • Infinity Dragon (deceased) (Father of the Legendary Dragons, creator of the universe, Legendary Dragon of creation)
  • Lapidarius (disappeared) (The Sole Stone, The Gem of Gems, Legendary Dragon of the Earth and stones)
  • Incaendius (hibernating) (The Ultimate Weapon, Father's Mercy, Chaos, The Last Legacy, Legendary Dragon of power, magic, passion and loyalty, the Infinity Dragon's ultimate sacrifice)
  • Jörmungandr (lost) (The World Serpent, The Norse God, Legendary Dragon of all bodies of water and weather)
  • Chinese Dragon Kings (disappeared) (The Dragon Gods, The Chinese Imperial Lóngs, Legendary Dragons of wishes, luck and harmony)

Legendary Dragons without proof of existence

False Legendary Dragons

This are dragons called Legendary Dragons, though they just are normal dragons who only did epic deeds.