Hydromancy is a style of magic associated with the Water element.

Branches of Hydromancy

  • Psarimancy is a special form of Hydromancy that includes control over fish and sea life. This is a rare style of magic only mastered by a few dragons and wizards.

Applications in Wizardry

Hydromancy can be used to produce drinking water, hydrate fish and other sea creatures, and even filling swimming pools. There are also contests held to form beautiful things with Hydromancy: large bubbles in strange shapes, water sculptures or multi-colored mist clouds. Hydromancy is used in the care of Water element dragons and is also used to manipulate weather and take care of plants.

Being the opposite of Electromancy, Hydromancy is used to negate or neutralize Electromancy spells.

Notable Hydromancers

Hydromancy Spells

Hydromancy Schools

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