A list of the highest mountains in the Vale.


  1. Diamant Mountain - 9785 meters, located in the Nimbus Mountains range
  2. Glacier Point - 8730 meters, located near The Far North
  3. Ganinara Falls - 8697 meters, located behind the Scar of the World
  4. Berrywhite Top - 7654 meters, the highest mountain of The Berrywhite Mountains
  5. Verulean Superhighlands - 6999 meters, the highest part of the Verulean Highlands
  6. Garita - 6322 meters, the biggest and most dangerous volcano in the Vale
  7. Windswept Pillar - 6000 meters, is actually a giant stalagmite, located in The Windswept Peaks
  8. Golden Land of Aurandia - 4332 meters, only recently discovered range of high mountains at the south part of Aeolia
  9. Glittergold Uppercut - 4330 meters, the highest part of The Glittergold Mountains
  10. Mt Drake - 4221 meters, very cold and high mountain in the Oslian Mountains

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