Harvest Dragon

Harvest Dragon Adult


Harvest Dragon Baby

Harvest Dragon Egg

Elements: Plant
Type: Triple Hybrid
Rarity: Rare
Form: Quadruped Dracon
Diet: Herbivore
The harvest dragon has a peculiar penchant for pulling plants from the ground. Long ago, clever farmers would line up their fields with the harvest dragon's migratory paths. This would save them days of labor and the harvest dragons would be rewarded with piles of treats. The farmers would have to take care to send the dragons on their way eventually, lest any stragglers stayed to 'harvest' freshly planted crops!
    —Nogard's description of the harvest dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Harvest Dragon is a rare triple hybrid of the Plant, Earth, and Water elements. It's main element is Plant.





The harvest dragon is typically non-aggressive, but can be skittish, so will bite if startled. They may also attack with their sharp claws.


The long quills on the harvest dragon's back are hard and sharp, and also help camouflage it in fields of wheat or grass.

Other Abilities

Harvest dragons are quick and nimble, and their eyesight and hearing are keen. Since their natural habitat is high grass that hides them completely, they have also developed the ability to stand on their tails to gain a better view.

Breath Weapon






They live in seasonal regions, often with mild, colorful autumns.

Preferred Home

They can tolerate cool weather, but when it gets too cold, they migrate south to warmer lands.




The Harvest Dragon feed on a vairety of both wild and domesticated cereal crops and fruit.


Behavior and Personality


Social Order

The top chaft(male), is in charge the leader of the yield on migration, though in stationary times, he isn't very aggressive towards other males.

Relationship to Wizards

Many farmers love Harvest dragons, as their migration makes the harvest so much more bountiful. As thanks, it is custom to leave out food for the travelling dragons. It is also common myth to never hurt one, or it brings bad luck for a harvest. Many farmers compete for the best migration routes to set up shop.

When in a park


Harvest dragons can be breed from any two dragon with the Earth, Plant, and Water elements.


Harvest dragons can live in Omnitats, Plant, Earth, and Water habitats. They also can live in Spooky habitats but don't necessarily prefer it.

How to care for


Favorite Treat


Life Cycle


Mating takes place in midwinter, so when the dragons return north in spring, the eggs can be laid. The males don't display sexual dimorphism, instead puffing up their quills in intimidation tactics.


When a Harvest Dragon is born at the end of winter, it immediately is welcomed into the group(called a yield). The females, called crops, feed and teach their young, while the males, called chafts, protect the family yield.


Baby Harvest dragons are noted to be extremely cute, and spend much of their time eating fresh spring shutes.


The juveniles grow fast in the summer, learning what is what. However, in the summer heat, many rest with their parents, as their isn't much food avaliable.


By the end of the summer, the babies are full grown, and ready for their first migration. Many do not survive, but enough do to carry on the genetic legacy. Their long bodies are good for endurance and long strides across vast distances. Being water affiliated, and having streamlined bodies, they also swim well. This is useful when crossing rivers on the long migration. Along the way, they stop to rest and harvest crops for human, before reaching their destination farther south into the Crane forest, where they spend their winter. By midwinter, it's time to head back north for the mating season.

Life Span

These dragons can live for years, around 14-18




Origin of Name

Harvest dragons are named for their behavior of "harvesting" plants.



Notable Dragons


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