Gryphons (also known as griffins) are large, predatory, flying nondragons sometimes classified as pseudo-dragons. They are not magical, but they are very powerful and can threaten even dragon opponents in battle. Their heads are like that of an eagle, their wings are feathered, and their front feet are bare, scaly and taloned like an eagle's, but their body is sleek and catlike, and their hind legs are like a lion's. Their tails typically are feathered, and they have long, feathered ears. All species are carnivorous.


There are four species of gryphon. The largest is the Snow Gryphon, which is pure white with a black beak and feet. Snow Gryphons dwell only in the Far South. Desert Gryphons are the smallest of the four and are brown with dark stripes. They are found in the Sandara Desert, in the Glittergold Mountains, in the Xiberian Savanna and in other arid regions. Sea Gryphons are black and white, their feet are webbed, and their feathers are sleek and streamlined. They have yellow feet and heavy yellow beaks. They are unique in that they are able to swim and hunt from the ocean. The fourth, and by far the most dangerous, is the Olympian Gryphon. It is found only on Mount Oly and is solid black with a golden beak.

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