Graceful Arborvitae

Three Graceful Arboresvitarum and some bushes and flowers.

The Graceful Arborvitae is a species of evergreen tree often grown by wizards for decorative purposes. They surround the Dragonarium in every park.


The Graceful Arborvitae has a tear shape with the point aiming above. The trunk is very thin but the roots are so strong that the tree never blows away.


The Graceful Arborvitae grows near the Ulster Meadows and in the Forests of Farn, in rare occasions giant of the species are found in The Great Forest and the Sykie Meadows. They are also grown in parks around the Dragonarium.

Magical Properties

Graceful Arboresvitarum (plural of Graceful Arborvitae) do not have magical properties, yet dragons love playing with the leaves.

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