Glacier Point is one of the highest mountains on Earth and is found in The Far North. It is home to the magnificent Century Dragons.

Landscape and Characteristics

Glacier Point is a giant mountain of about 8730 meters high. The mountain houses a lot of glaciers who somehow won't melt, not even through global warming. At the inside of the mountain is a warm cave with a constant temperature of 20°C and a warm river full of fish, frogs, salamanders and insects.


While the mountain itself has a freezing cold temperature of -12,6°C, the glaciers only have a temperature of -0,6°C (which makes it also a miracle that global warming doesn't make them melt) and the cave on the inside has a temperature of 20°C. How can this all happen? Magically, of course. It never snows or rains on Glacier Point though there is never-melting snow spread over the whole mountain.



There are currently no humans living on Glacier Point because of the freezing temperatures on the outside and the lack of excellent food and building materials on the inside. (Sure, there's fish, but you can't eat fish for the rest of your life. And eating frogs and salamanders isn't that delicious.)

Wizards and Witches

There are no wizards and witches permanently living on Glacier Point.

Dragon Species


Non-Dragon Creatures


First Ascent


Bordering Regions