The fog of the Fog Dragon is known to have magical properties, and it contains minor Oneiromancy. It can be used to make potions, but is hard to get. The fog must be cooled down to -250°C to condense it. However, the dragon must not be harmed while doing this, or you will be punished by the Wizard Council. The hardest thing is remembering you came to the dragon to collect the fog, as you will likely forget it when you come near and feel the effects.


Fog dragon fog is produced by Fog Dragons.


Fog Dragon Fog induces what is commonly known as the No-One-Writes-Something-Down-Problem. It induces forgetfulness, sleepiness, and intense calmness. If you were to breathe in too much of it (much more than you breathe in by being around a Fog Dragon), you may go into a coma.


Fog dragon fog is used to treat insomnia and anxiety, and is also used in Sleeping Potions, Memory-Erasing Potions, and Calming Potions.

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