Fog Dragon

Fog Dragon Adult


Fog Dragon Baby

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Elements: Water
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Uncommon
Form: Quadruped Dragon
Diet: Piscivore
DDLA Rank:
Very little has ever been recorded about this gentle beast. Something about being in the presence of a fog dragon is so relaxing that any person who set out to observe them up-close wound up forgetting to write anything down. Our oldest records recount one person's memory of his encounter as 'a little hazy'.
    —Nogard's description of the fog dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Fog Dragon is a hybrid dragon of the Water and Air elements. It's main element is Water.





Fog dragons do not really have weapons.


Fog dragons have a special magic with the effect that anything alive coming near will feel relaxed and forget anything it wanted to do, including fighting. Some dragons are able to resist this, however.

Other Abilities


Breath Weapon

Fog dragons breathe fog, which, as well as giving the soothing aura, limits the victim's sight.


The fog dragon's magic doesn't work on some dragons. Its natural predators have mostly adapted to resist it. Dragons that have never faced a fog dragon will most likely feel the effects.



Fog dragons live near Nes Lake and in the Southern Tropics.

Preferred Home

They prefer damp places. Their habitat must have lots of humidity, otherwise their abilities aren't as strong.


They do not build nests and shelter. They like being in the rain and wind.


Its magic distracts even fish, which is handy, as it can just pick up a fish and eat it without even letting the fish notice.


Behavior and Personality

Fog dragons spend over 18 hours of the day resting or sleeping, and this resting is necessary, as it is a low energy dragon and cannot fight or exercise very well. When they are awake, however, fog dragons are generally kind and playful, though rather lethargic.

Social Order


Relationship to Wizards

This dragon gives off copious amounts of fog, rendering most things invisible and only allowing you to see only in front of you. Do not accompany this dragon with a dangerous and/or quiet dragon, as it will greatly inhibit your vision as well as your ability to focus.

If you are seeking a sense of calm, however, this dragon is the right place to be. It will give you an undeniable sense of calmness, and the haziness caused by the fog will cause you to forget what you were just thinking about. Therefore, being around this dragon is great for meditation and relaxation, and some have found this dragon very effective for sleeping and wellness.

Besides this, the dragon itself is calm and a good companion, but not one you should bring on gallant adventures, as it will spend most of its time asleep or resting.


The fog dragon is a common breeding result of any dragons with the Air and Water elements.


These chill dragons can live in Omnitats, Water, and Air habitats.

How to care for


Favorite Treat


Life Cycle


Our researchers surely studied this, but they never wrote it down and forgot everything.


Fog dragon eggs have been found in bushes, but not much else about their birth is known because the researchers didn't write anything down.


Infant fog dragons are playful, but because of the No-One-Writes-Something-Down-Problem, not much else is known.


Lack of information because of the No-One-Writes-Something-Down-Problem.



Life Span

We think they become about 78 years, but even after their death they continue to exhibit their calming magic, so there's still the No-One-Writes-Something-Down-Problem.



It is still unsure who discovered this dragon because even he had the no-one-writes-something-down-problem. Everyone was talking about the new dragon during the period of discovery, but no-one knew who actually discovered it.

Origin of Name

They are named after the fog they produce.


Fog dragons can use Hydromancy and Aeromancy, and their mysterious relaxing fog is most likely a result of minor control over Oneiromancy.

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