Flicker Dragon

Flicker Dragon Adult


Flicker Dragon Baby

Flicker Dragon Egg

Elements: Ornamental
Type: Epic
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Form: Quadruped Dracon
Diet: Piscivore
DDLA Rank:
What are the twinkling lights that float around this gentle creature? For a long time, the prevailing theory was that the flicker dragon traveled the tundra, drawn to stray fireflies. The people of the north would set candles on their window sills, which would sometimes attract a passing dragon. One day, a wise wizard pointed out that fireflies don't, in fact, line anywhere near the far north. It appears the flicker dragon was just making social visits!
    —Nogard's description of the flicker dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Flicker Dragon is an epic dragon of the Ornamental element.


The flicker dragon is a big, black creature with glowing lights orbiting it. It has been confirmed that the ones on its antlers are lamps, but is it unknown what the flying ones are. First, it was thought that those were fireflies, but fireflies don't live anywhere in the Far North. We are still not sure what these are, because no wizard ever was able to capture one.



The flicker dragon has strong ivory horns on its head and back, and some smaller ones on its tail.


The sharp edges on the horns scare enemies away, as when someone tries to punch it and accidentally hits a horn, it causes incredible pain. The flying lights also try to distract predators.

Other Abilities

If a horn breaks, a stronger one will grow back in some time. From time to time, the dragon will break a horn on purpose, stay away from other creatures, and get a much stronger horn back.

Breath Weapon

Flicker dragons use their breath as a lamp rather than a weapon.


They are easily to spot because of the lights, especially at night. This is very dangerous if it is missing a horn.



Flicker dragons live in The Far North but also have been found living in the town of Vinturfjord.

Preferred Home

Flicker dragons will settle about anywhere, but will not sleep in large open places, or at least not when they are alone.


The flicker dragon will seek night shelter under big trees. From time to time, one will go to a house and sleep there for one night. When in a large group, they will sleep in open places.


Flicker dragons use the heat of the lamps on their antlers to melt the ice. Sometimes, they find a frozen fish in the ice, and eats it. As this is something rare, flicker dragons are adapted to live a long time without food. An adult can survive 2 years on one fish, a juvenile 18 months, and a baby 1 year.


Behavior and Personality

Flicker dragons are very friendly who only attack if hurt on purpose.

Social Order

Most flicker dragons live a solitary life, though it is known that there are also big hordes of about 50 dragons which teamed up.

Relationship to Wizards

Flicker dragons sometimes visit wizards in the Far North.

Life Cycle


The lights of a flicker dragon must attract the other flicker dragon, not the dragon itself. When two flicker dragons become mates, some of their flying lights will go to the other dragon.


A flicker dragon gets its own flying light immediately after birth. This becomes its best friend when not born in a horde.


The baby flicker dragon spends most of its time playing with his flying light. As this light doesn't give any warmth, and it doesn't have lamps yet, it requires its parents to bring him food.


At this point, the flicker dragon gets its own lamps, and can seek food itself. At this point, the parents leave it and go away from each other. The juvenile flicker dragon will start wandering around and possibly join a horde.


Adult flicker dragons will search for fish, whether in a horde, with a mate, or on its own. They will visit people more often. They will search for a mate. After it leaves its mate when their child has become adolescent, they will sometimes search for a new mate.

Life Span

Flicker dragons can become almost 150 years old.



The people in the Far North knew about the flicker dragon for a long time but thought it was a Magical Moose instead. When Lumi Whimsy, a witch specialized in Cryomancy and fascinated by winter animals and Cold elementals studied these "Magical Moose", she found out they were actually dragons!

Origin of Name

Flicker dragons are named for their flickering lights.


Flicker dragons are enchanted with Phenomancy, a special magic of Ornamental dragons. They are able to produce winter decorations, in the flicker dragon's case lamps. The wizards enchanted the Ornamental Habitat with this special magic so the decorations produced by the dragons stay there to make the Habitats more beautiful. It's also possible that the flicker dragon uses Luximancy to keep the lamps it produces alight, but this is not confirmed.

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