Firemanders are small amphibians which can use Pyromancy to breathe fire and can use slight bursts of Electromancy to travel as fast as light for short distances.

IMG 3032


They look like regular Salamanders, but their skin is extremely hot to the touch. Their legs are also considerably longer for fast movements.


Firemanders are the only Non-Dragon creature to exhibit some amount of control over magic, mostly Pyromancy and a little bit of Electromancy.



They live on mountains.

Preferred Home

They live in The Glittergold Mountains, the Ganinara Falls and The Berrywhite Mountains, and sometimes can be seen in The Aichpey River.


Firemanders are carnivores and eat small toads and tadpoles.


Ancient cultures believed these tricksters were sent to the world by the other side. Since there is no proof of the existence of that dimension, most wizards do not correlate the two together.


They can use the most magic out of all non-dragons. If they only had a slight amount of extra control over magic they would be considered true dragons.

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