Faire Dragon

Faire Dragon Adult


Faire Dragon Baby

Faire Dragon Egg

Elements: Lightning
Type: Quad Hybrid
Rarity: Very Rare
Form: Quadruped Dragon
Diet: Herbivore
DDLA Rank:
Step right up, step right up! Feast your eyes on the fabulous faire dragon! Fleet in flight, though never fleeting, it's faithful to friends for whom it fervently fends, without ever fearing or fleeting. But first and foremost, folks will find, festivals and feasts are its favorite pastime.
    —Nogard's description of the Faire Dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Faire Dragon is a rare quad hybrid of the Lightning, Plant, Cold, and Metal elements. It's main element is Lightning.


This dragon's brilliant colors make it highly conspicuous. Very little is known about the faire dragon. Its incredibly rare coalescence of magic is unstable, and because of this, even the correct combination of elements rarely produces a faire dragon.



The faire dragon possibly uses its powerful horns and beak-like mouth against other dragons, but since it seems to have no natural predators, this is not surely known.


The bright colors scare away most possible predators, making them think this dragon is poisonous.

Other Abilities

The faire dragon's four wings and tall sails allow it to reach remarkable speeds and fly with extreme agility.

Breath Weapon

The faire dragon's breath is colorful but does not have any effects.


The faire dragon does not take things very seriously and when it ever has to fight it will probably just play around and lose.



The few known faire dragons popped up just south of the Berrywhite Mountains, but most have been bred in parks. They also have been seen at the top of the Ganinara Falls and some remote part of the jungles in The Far East.

Preferred Home

Faire dragons prefer jungles with steep cliffs and waterfalls and large caves.


The faire dragon probably decorates its cave to make it look like a disco, some even are known to place crystals in such ways that when light shines right through them it will create colorful light beams.


The faire dragon is a herbivore but will only eat fruit with sweet taste.


Behavior and Personality

Faire dragons are cheerful and fun loving, though a little socially awkward. True to their name, they are crowd pleasers, and females tend to be rather concerned about their appearance.

Social Order

Being so rare, it is unlikely that this dragon would come upon its own kind, so they tend to befriend other species.

Relationship to Wizards

Faire dragons will join wizard parties whenever they see one.

When in a park


It is hard to breed this dragon as it requires two dragon with as least these four elements; Plant, Metal, Cold and Lightning.


These dragons can settle in six different types of habitats: Lightning, Metal, Plant, Cold, Spooky, and Omnitats.

How to care for

When these dragons get bored, they will start acting mean and scare your visitors rather than amusing them, so you have to tell them at least five new jokes every day and every week it has to know a new stunt. Having a motley dragon in the same habitat will help with this.

Favorite Treat

Faire dragons will only eat the sweet Cacti-Snack juice, Dragon Fruit, Ro's Dragon Fruit Cake, Jelly Plants], and Berry Bauble. If they need to eat non-sweet treats then you have to force them.

Life Cycle


The faire dragon very rarely meets others of its kind, so it will more likely mate with other species, which is extremely rare in the wild.


The birth of a baby faire dragon in the wild is extremely rare. This requires either hybridizing of other dragons or the very rare occasion of two of these dragons meeting each other in the wild. No cases of this are known so nothing is known about their birth in the wild.


An infant is probably as playful as an adult.


Probably the same situation.


The adult is very playful and a crowd pleaser, and can tell funny jokes though humans don't understand their language.

Life Span

This is unknown. They are not being bred in parks for too long so none of those few have died already, and the life span in the wild is unknown too.



This is one of the most recently discovered dragons. It was found by a wizard who owned a traveling exhibition for the rarest dragons called the Great Dragon Faire. Seeking a wondrous new species to display, he followed rumors of a brilliantly colored jungle-dwelling dragon and came upon this creature.

Origin of Name

Faire dragons are named for the Great Dragon Faire.


Because of this dragon's large number of elements, its magic is erratic and unstable, so it masters none of its four elemental magics. Weirdly, faire dragons seems to be able to control cloth and paper.

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