The Erebus Ostracon is a popular decoration in dragon parks. After the Tower of Erebus was destroyed during The Cataclysm, the tower fell apart into small pieces. Shortly after the opening of the Rift and the return of the Light and Dark elements, the young wizard Keh Rebus found a piece of the tower. He told his parents: "Don't touch it! It's evil!" But Keh was wrong, as Dark Magic is not evil, just misunderstood. His parents used the whole discovered piece to make a beatutiful decoration. In parks, most parts of the decoration are artificial, although every decoration contains small parts of the original tower. This gives it a natural enchantment that can be used to strengthen Erebomancy and Umbramancy when around. However, it does not strengthen any branches of these types of magic.

The decoration, placed in a holder surrounded by Erebus Grass in the holder and Generic Grass around the holder

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