Erebomancy is the main Dark element magic. It includes camouflage and hulling things in darkness (literally) and display beautiful black clouds. With its wide variation of possibilities along with its branches, it is a popular style of magic, even though it is most of the time practiced along with another magic style.

Branches of Erebomancy

Applications in Wizardry

The first, and most common use of non-branched Erebomancy is camouflage. Lathramancy strengthens this more. Another use is to create darkness. Umbramancy can be used to create shade, but just Erebomancy can be used to hull things in complete darkness. When this is done, no matter how much light you shine on it, the place stays completely black. Another use, even though it is only decorative, is to create beautiful black clouds. The strangest use is, ironically, creating light. Actually, it's not really light, but a glow. In almost complete darkness, the darkness can turn into a smooth, green glow, making it possible to see about 10 meters away. This is used by the Abyss Dragon and the Trench Dragon.

As Phytomancy is the opposite magic to Erebomancy, Erebomancy can be used to negate or neutralize Phytomancy spells.

Notable Erebomancers

Erebomancy Spells

Erebomancy Schools