Some edelweiss flowers blooming.

The Edelweiss plant is a flowering plant that is very rare in the wild.


The Edelweiss has a white star-shaped flower and light yellow nectar. They are about 20 cm high and are very rare in the wild. They grow in places hard to reach. They have an alluring smell which attracts anyone who smells it. However, this is just science, and the flower itself is not magic.


Edelweiss are only found on the Berrywhite Mountains. It only appears in the wild due to its mass amount of gathering when they were discovered. They're now an endangered species. Another reason for its rare appearance is the fact that it is the favorite snack of Mountain Dragons.

Magical Properties

The Edelweiss possesses no magic at all but is still used by the Tols to make medicines... with no effect.

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