Dragon Snaps

Dragon Snaps

Dragon Snaps are the cheapest treats grown in Treat Farms. They do not grow in the wild, but any type of flower can be turned into a Dragon Snap by Arboromancy (but wizards must be careful not to use too much of this magic or otherwise the flower will become a tree).


When grown, Dragon Snaps will always be white, but enchanted flowers can be any type of color (and the color has nothing to do with the flower it was before). They are not that big, usually about 6 cm.

Magical Properties

Each flower contains a certain vitamin (and the type of vitamin has nothing to do with the color). These flowers taste like grass to both humans and dragons, but the vitamins only have effect on the dragons. They do not provide much nourishment and are used as small snacks.


Sidd Arthur was stranded on an island. While he had food, he tried to turn some local flowers into snacks thinking it would be more delicious. Sadly, the new flowers did not nourish Sidd and it tasted like grass. However, his Lotus Dragon snapped them up! The Dragon Snaps were named after how the Lotus Dragon ate them. Sidd also found a way to grow these flowers without having to enchant other flowers.

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