Dragon Root

Dragon Root

Dragon Root is a type of treat grown in Treat Farms to feed dragons in parks. The wild form is found in the Sykie Meadows and The Great Forest. They also have been recently found on the Isle of Ulmek.

Dragon Root in Nogard's garden


Dragon Root are the smallest type of tree in the world, even smaller than bonsai. The purple part are the roots and the trunk at the same time. They can survive without much water and light and often grow in shadowy places.

Magical Properties

Dragon Root tastes like apple. It also provides as much vitamins and nourishment as apple. However, for some reason, dragons prefer the taste of Dragon Root instead of the taste of apple, even though they taste the same to humans.


Dragon Root was always a popular plant and is known for a very long time. However, it was only discovered it could be used as a treat when Nogard's first Fire Dragon Ember ate some when they were hiding in The Great Forest.

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