Dodo Dragon




Dodo Dragon Egg

Elements: Earth
Type: Opposite Hybrid
Rarity: Rare
Form: Quadruped Dracon
Diet: Omnivore
DDLA Rank:
Cave drawings of the dodo dragon were first discovered on Mooretoss Island long ago by the great explorer Lewis Dodoson. They depict an ancient, flightless, and rather clumsy dragon. For centuries it was thought to be extinct, but we now know that while the dodo dragon may be rare, it is certainly not extinct! I wonder what other dragons have yet to be discovered!
    —Nogard's description of the dodo dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Dodo Dragon is a rare opposite hybrid of the Earth and Air elements. It's main element is Earth.





Dodo dragons use their sharp horns, claws and tail spikes to defend themselves.


Dodo dragons do not have spikes on their back, and have a much thinner skin, but have no predators.

Other Abilities

Dodo dragons are unable to fly but still are able to use Aeromancy.

Breath Weapon

Dodo dragons use Aeromancy to blow away opponents.


Dodo dragons are clumsy and are not adapted to have defenses, but they have no predators either. As mentioned before; they are flightless, so the have limited movement compared to other Air element dragons.



In the past, dodo dragons lived on Mooretoss Island but they are almost extinct there now. They still live on Dodoberg.

Preferred Home

They hide themselves between rocks.


They hide themselves between rocks.


Dodo dragons eat small birds, grass, and sometimes Edelweiss.


Behavior and Personality

Dodo dragons all have their own personality. They appear slow and stupid, but in reality they are extremely intelligent.

Social Order

Dodo dragons live in large tribes and clash for territory. Every tribe has its own leader.

Relationship to Wizards

Dodo dragons hide themselves from wizards. This is the main reason why it took such a long time to discover them.

Life Cycle


Dodo dragons attract others of their kind about the same way humans do. They may fall in love with each other as adolescents but only mate as adults.


The egg is hidden between the rocks and guarded by the parents. Babies are raised by the whole tribe.


Infant dodo dragons play with all other dragons in the group. During battle, they are hidden in small caves.


Adolescents are trained to catch prey, guard the territory borders and fight if necessary.


Every adult dragon has its own task. Some guard the borders of their territory, some raise the babies, some catch prey, while some just remain in the camp doing nothing and hoping the leader will not force them to do tasks.

Life Span

Dodo dragons become about 30 years old.



Cave drawings of them were discovered by Lewis Dodoson on Mooretoss Island. They were thought to be extinct, but a few years later the same explorer found these dragons on Dodoberg. (The mountain was unnamed until the dragons were discovered there.)

Origin of Name

They are named after their discoverer, Dodoson.


Dodo dragons possess Aeromancy and Terramancy.

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