Crystal Dragon

Crystal Dragon Adult


Crystal Dragon Baby

Crystal Dragon Egg

Elements: Earth
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Uncommon
Form: Quadruped Dragon
Diet: Petrivore
DDLA Rank:
The crystal dragon hoards shiny things. So as long as you don't look too greedy around it, this dragon will be quite content to let you hang around.
    —Nogard's description of the crystal dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Crystal Dragon is a hybrid dragon of the Earth and Lightning elements. It's main element is Lightning.


The crystal dragon is a large purple dragon with wings, spikes and teeth made of unknown crystals. These crystals were first thought to be quartz, but it seemed quartz was much harder and contained silicon, which was not the case with this dragon's crystals. People have begun to use the term "dragon crystals" specifically for the crystal dragon. These crystals seem to have magical properties and do not form naturally, as they contain organic material.



While not too hard, the crystal dragon's crystals are very sharp and painful.


The crystal dragon intimidates its opponents by staring. If that doesn't work, it will rely on "offence is the best defence".

Other Abilities

Crystal dragons like shiny things and will use these as weapons. Be careful if you see one hoarding a golden sword.

Breath Weapon

Crystal dragons produce electricity.


Crystal dragons are easily distracted by shiny things, and will surely lose against shiny Gemstone dragons or Dusk Dragons because it doesn't want to attack shiny things.



Crystal dragons live in The Tull Caverns and places with Erudine Crystals.

Preferred Home

They prefer living in places full of crystals and shiny things. It will sometimes share a nest with Metal Dragons if light falls on their body, because they then appear to shine.


It doesn't really build nests, but it creates beds out of its shiny collection.


Crystal dragons eat non-shiny rocks. It regards eating shiny things as eating money is to us.


Behavior and Personality

The crystal dragon does not really care about anything that isn't shiny.

Social Order

Crystal dragons like to hang around with each other so they can look at each other's shiny crystals. Overall, it lives a solitary life as long as it doesn't have a mate. Sometimes, this dragon will befriend Gemstone, Crystalline, or Geode dragons, due to their shininess.

Relationship to Wizards

Crystal dragons will not care about wizards except if they carry shiny things with them. Or are shiny themselves, which hasn't happened many times.

Life Cycle


Crystal dragons search other crystal dragons of a different dragons and then choose the one which is the most shiny.


When the egg hatches, the baby will instantly pick a small crystal from each of the parents and place them on its own back.


Baby crystal dragons will play with their parents' collection. They eat, stay with their parents and sleep, and do not much other things.


At this point, the dragon will start its own shiny collection to play with.


At the moment it becomes adult, it will stay with its parents until they die. It will then pick up their shiny collection and start wandering around, looking for a mate.

Life Span

Crystal dragons have a similar lifespan to humans, about 70 to 100 years.



The crystal dragon was one of the first dragons discovered by The Great Nogard and was instantly recognized as a dragon after it was confirmed that it wasn't a purple rock covered in crystals.

Origin of Name

It is named after the crystals on its back.


Crystal dragons are enchanted with Terramancy and Electromancy. They have extremely minor control over Frescomancy but have a very good grasp on the use of Crysalimancy.

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