Coral Dragon

Coral Dragon Adult

Coral Dragon Baby

Coral Dragon Egg

Elements: Fire
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Uncommon
Form: Bipedal Dracon
Diet: Piscivore
DDLA Rank:
Formations in the shallow areas of the Crimson Sea have always appeared hazardous, so everyone sailed safely around them. Magical treat expert and excellent witch, Jayme the Cook noticed that charts of the regions always contained discrepancies in the shape and location of these formations, so she decided to investigate the phenomenon. Sailing close and examining carefully, she discovered that it was a new type of dragon, the coral dragon.
    —Nogard's description of the coral dragon in the Book of Dragons

The Coral Dragon is a hybrid dragon of the Fire and Water elements. It's main element is Water.








Natural Weapons

The coral dragon is a tenacious fighter with a strong bite and is both a fast runner and swimmer.

Natural Defenses

Coral dragons live in symbiosis with several coral species, many of which have poisonous stingers which protect the dragon as well as camouflage it. In return, the coral dragon protects its coral from parrotfish and other dangers, and expose the coral to food particles by swimming around.

Other Abilities


Breath Weapon

As the coral dragon resides underwater, the usual fire-breath has much less but is mildly poisonous and warms the water around up.


Coral dragons can't spend too much time out of water due to their coral, but they must also come to the surface to breathe air periodically, because unusually for water dragons, they lack gills.



Coral dragons are found near island shores in the Crimson Sea.

Preferred Home

Coral dragons like sunny, shallow lagoons with clear water and lots of coral and fish. Access to beaches is also important to them.


Coral dragons have no nest; instead, they hide in among the coral. They only sleep two hours each day, so a permanent nest is barely necessary.


Coral dragons eat fish. They may surprise their prey by standing completely still among the coral and waiting for it to pass by, or they may actively pursue it. Sometimes coral dragons work together in groups to surround a school of fish so that they can catch them easily.


Behavior and Personality

Coral dragons are cheerful, bubbly and social. They are impulsive like fire dragons and laid-back like water dragons, a rare combination. They are loyal friends and love to "talk", which consists of gurgling and snarls. A coral dragon will fling themselves wholeheartedly at whatever they take a fancy to.

Social Order

Coral dragons live together in large communities. They have no leader. They don't need someone to help them settle disputes, since they never have disputes.

Relationship to Wizards

Coral dragons are very friendly to outsiders, but they can be annoying as well, because they're such chatterboxes.

Life Cycle


Females are usually in control when it comes to selecting mates. After getting to know one another, the pair will usually leave the community for about three months to raise their babies. They will repeat this every year until they are too old to have young.


Coral dragon eggs must be submerged in salt water during the day and exposed to air during the night. The mother and father do the work of moving the egg twice a day and protecting it from predators. One parent is always standing guard next to the egg.


Baby coral dragons spend most of their time in the water. The first thing the parents do when the egg hatches is use their sticky saliva to glue coral polyps to the baby, which will then provide protection. At this stage, they are very vulnerable to attack from sharks and other dangerous predators.


When the coral dragon becomes a juvenile, it will be reintroduced to the community, where it will quickly make lots of friends. The older coral dragons will teach the juvenile how to fish and escape from predators.


Coral dragons usually live for sixty years.



The Crimson Sea's shallow shores were feared places, filled with polluted waters and hazardous formations. But, as discovered by Jayme the Cook, this is home to the kind and bubbly coral dragon.


Coral dragons are associated with algamancy, the branches expanding from both chloromancy and hydromancy. Although, when applied to coral dragonspyromancy is added to the mix.

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