The Cold, Dark Earth is a remote location in a cave under the bottom of The Crimson Sea. Somewhere in the Crimson Sea, an object called the Crimson Sea Anomaly was found, with a tunnel in it. This tunnel leads to a cave and the water from The Crimson Sea serves as a waterfall for the cave, and comes back up because of an unknown cause. This location was called the Cold, Dark Earth because the cave was made out of dirt and gravel (and miraculously doesn't collapse) and it is icy cold and dark down there, and as a reference to the Scrolls of Prophecy. In this cave ragnarok dragons live. Creepy sounds come from there, as well as fire rushing through the tunnels. We are almost completely sure these are just howls of ragnarok dragons and the fire is a weaker version of their magical breath. They called this phenomena the "Howled Fire Song", after the text on the Scrolls of Prophecy.