The information on this page is incomplete and/or does not match the information on other pages. All sections except Carnivore, Herbivore, Morpheivore, Scavenger and Ectoplasm-vore still have to be updated. Thank you.

Carnivore (Meat-Eater)

Herbivore (Plant-Eater)

Omnivore (Both Plant-Eater and Meat-Eater)

Insectivore (Insect-Eater)

Nectarivore (Nectar-Eater)

Piscivore (Fish-Eater)

Petrivore (Rock-Eater)

Scavenger (Carcass-Eater)

Morpheivore (Dream/Emotion-Eater)

Ectoplasm-vore (Ghost/Spirit-Eater)

Photosynthetic (Surviving on photosynthesis)

Autotrophic (Doesn't eat or eats self-produced food)

Detritivore (Decay-Eater)

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