Clarence Agondray
Species: Human
Homeland: TBA
Gender: Male
Profession: Magicologist
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Clarence Agondray (September 16, 1070 - May 24, 1139) was a magical researcher near the beginning of the Age of the Wizards. He lived from 1070-1139 ASW. His insights into the field of magic were astonishing--he is often called the "father of the elements" for his creation of a classification system for magic, designating the elements we know today. He was the first to distinguish between epic and elemental/primary magic and the first to define primary and hybrid dragons


After his death, it was revealed that much of the research attributed to Agondray was actually performed by his sister, Cilla Agondray. However, Clarence Agondray got all the credit, probably due to the fact that she was a woman (sexism was prevalent in wizard society then, in stark contrast to the Burcadian civilization, which was highly matriarchal).

It was too late by then, however--a standard unit of measure for magic, the agondray (which is still used today) had been named after him. Being unmarried through her whole life (she was so absorbed in the study of magic she had no time for a husband or family) she had the same last name as him, though, so it didn't really matter. This example is often cited as a sign of sexism in wizard society, but since some witches gained recognition for their findings even in that time, the facts are not clear as to why Clarence was recognized and not his sister.


Clarence bonded four dragons, which together made up all eight of the primary elements known at that time. This wide diversity of elements enabled him to notice the elemental distinctions of magic. In part because of the wide range of elements his dragons possessed, he never really was proficient in any of the elemental magics--he was said to be unable to perform all but the most rudimentary spells.


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