Blue Moon Dragon

Blue Moon Dragon Adult


Blue Moon Dragon Baby

Blue Moon Dragon Egg

Elements: Moon
Type: Epic
Rarity: Very Rare
Form: Quadruped Dragon
Diet: Herbivore
DDLA Rank:
During the blue moon festival, a number of wizards buzzed about collecting it's rare essence to the Moon Habitat in order to attract a blue moon dragon. It wasn't until days later the famous wizard Aiden Strongarm was able to find a way to bring the blue moon dragon back before it disappeared until... who knows when? It may have been one small step for dragons, but it was a giant leap for wizards.
    —Nogard's description of the blue moon dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Blue Moon Dragon is an epic dragon of the Moon element.


The Blue Moon dragon resembles a Moon Dragon in appearance, but there are certain differences between the two species. The Blue Moon Dragon has a curved horn on top of it's head, and the crecent moon on the tail is replaced by a full moon. It's entire body doesn't glitter like a regular Moon Dragon, but instead has holes like a moon. Most notably are the eyes. They have no pupil, but glows a brilliant blue and sparkles like the deepest abyss of space itself.



Blue Moon Dragons are, contrary to popular belief, actually very aggressive towards Sun type dragons. They use their bioluminescent horn to stab their enemy, and their body can unleash an extremely bright glow that blinds the enemy.


The Blue Moon Dragon needs no defenses. No creature would be stupid enough to even think of harming this beautiful creature, and should one does, it will be stabbed and blinded multiple times until the Blue Moon Dragon thinks otherwise.

Other Abilities

They can emit a brilliant blue glow from their body. Their eyes can also read emotions.

Breath Weapon

This dragon's breath includes sparkles and a blue mist.


The horn of a Blue Moon Dragon is crucial to it's survival. Without it, the dragon is rendered powerless and cannot defend itself.




Preferred Home





They like to eat the blue cheese for some strange reasons.


Behavior and Personality

The species is docile and proud. They are known to be vain and very elegant. When walking, one must always held it's head high and swish the tail around.

Social Order

Blue Moon Dragons rank themselves base on their royal-ness. The more royal blood one has, the higher ranked it is. But exceptions are allowed, such as acts of great bravery and sacrifice.

Relationship to Wizards

Most wizards respect these majestic dragons and would never harm one. But since their horns are very valuable and can cost up to 5 000 000 DragonCash for a gram of horn dust, many poachers are willing to risk their lives hunting down this species.

Life Cycle


Its all about the horns. The longer, the better. Males will joust each other and females will only mate with the victorious one.


Blue Moon Dragon eggs are made out of the purest of moon dust so they're very fragile. The parents would do anything to protect it. After a few minutes, the egg shell will harden and reveal it's trademark blue moon shape. The egg will hatch under normal circumstances after 24 hours, but on Earth it takes a longer amount of time due to the differences in the atmosphere.


Baby Blue Moon Dragons are called foals. For the first year, foals are incredibly attached to it's parents. Blue Moon Dragons are unique because they are one of the only species of dragons to produce milk for foals to suckle. This means that the foal grows up quickly and are independent by the time it reaches it's second year.


After 3 years, the foal is now considerably larger and called a juvenile. It will develope the horn and practice jousting with the other juveniles.


By the time it reaches adulthood, the juvenile will shed it's scale to reveal a new skin with many holes and bumps like the surface of a moon. Adult dragons will continue to practice jousting with others until the mating season comes.

Life Span

Sadly, these dragons have the shortest lifespan for a Moon type, only reaching 200 years max.



During every blue moon festival, the wizards buzz around, collecting moon essence in hope of attracting Blue Moon Dragon. It wasn't until Aiden Strongarm, a famous Seer, discovers a way to bring this gorgeous species back on Earth and make them stay for the entire festival. After that, they will leave and head back to the moon. It is unknown how the wizard managed to achieved such an accomplishment, but he did anyways, and we should be grateful for that.

Origin of Name

Since the dragons only arrive during blue moon festivals, they are named the Blue Moon Dragons.



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